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Download 1000's of free to print sudoku puzzles from beginner to evil level

Sudoku is a number placement puzzle game and each puzzle can be solved with reasoning and simple logic.

New to sudoku? - learn how to play this addictive puzzle game - How to Play Sudoku.

New Printable Sudoku Puzzles With Answers

03.07.2013 - Huge July Update - 30 New Books 12, 14, 36 and 48 Puzzles
New sudoku puzzles

We have released a huge amount of free printable sudoku puzzles for you to print off and enjoy!

40 New Printable Sudoku PDF Books in each diffcultly level have been released, each book contains all the answers as well.

Ultra Easy Puzzles | Easy Puzzles | Medium Puzzles

Hard Puzzles | Evil Puzzles

30.05.2012 - Huge May Update - Massive Load of Free Sudoku Puzzles
New sudoku puzzles

We have released a huge amount of free to print sudoku puzzles for you to print off and enjoy! 30 New sudoku books in each diffculty level!

27.09.2011 - New Puzzle Books Have Been Released
New sudoku puzzles

Sudoku book 04 - 05 and 06 are the latest free sudoku puzzles, just choose the difficulty level at the top navigation bar and then download the amount of puzzles you want!

11.07.2011 - New Puzzle Book Released
New sudoku puzzles

Sudoku book 03 are the latest puzzles, just click the difficulty level at the top and then download the amount of puzzles you want. Don't forget to leave a comment if you enjoy these puzzles or if you want to share some playing tips!

12.04.2011 - New Sudoku Puzzles - 6 Puzzles Per Sheet
new sudoku puzzles

New sudoku puzzles have been released! - Sudoku book 01 is the latest edition. The books now come with 6 sudoku puzzles per A4 sheet of paper.

Free Sudoku Puzzles With Answers

  1. Ultra-Easy Puzzles Plus Answers (Beginner Puzzles)
  2. Easy Puzzles Plus Answers (For the Novice Player)
  3. Medium Puzzles Plus Answers (Average Sudoku Players)
  4. Hard Puzzles Plus Answers (Experienced Players)
  5. Evil Puzzles Plus Answers (Veteran Sudoku Players Only)

New Puzzle Games

Maths Calculation Game
New puzzle game

The object of the game is to get the number written on the board using only 6 numbers.

Maths Calculation Game

Tile Matching Memory Game
New puzzle game

Against the clock you must quickly reveal and match all of the tile pairs, how fast can you complete the game?

Tile Matching Memory Game

Short-Term Memory Puzzle Game
New puzzle game

How good is your short-term memory? see how many sequences of the buttons you can remember.

Short-Term Memory Puzzle Game

Sudoku Solver
New puzzle game

When you have filled in all the numbers you can press solve and the program should complete the puzzle.

Sudoku Solver

New Puzzle Game Kakuro
New puzzle game

Similar to the famous game Sudoku, Kakuro is just about the numbers and requires the player to have some skills in mathematical reasoning.

Kakuro - Play Here!

New Puzzle Game Enigmatica
new puzzle game

Use the mouse to drag tiles and line them up in either rows or columns of the same tile.

Enigmatica - Play Here!

How to Play Sudoku

To play Sudoku, you don't need anything but the chart itself, a pencil, and of course your brain!

You only need to use logic to solve sudoku puzzles and each puzzle can only be solved in one way.

When you look at a typical Sudoku puzzle, you will notice that it contains 9 rows and 9 columns. All puzzles begin with some numbers already in place, generally speaking the harder the puzzle the less available numbers are provided to start with.

The goal of sudoku is to use the numbers 1 through 9 and fill in the rows, boxes, and the columns with these numbers, but you can not have two of any number in any row, box, or column. Video Showing You How to Play Sudoku

The Sudoku Grid

The Sudoku Grid

You can see the 9 x 9 grid, divided into 3 x 3 smaller grids, some of the numbers are already given. Fill in the missing numbers so that every row, column and 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.

Remembering that each number can only appear once in each row, column and box

Basic Sudoku Technique Slicing and Dicing

Basic Sudoku Technique

This video guide demonstrates the basic technique used to solve sudoku puzzles, the technique used is called slicing and dicing. This is considered to be a beginners technique.

Slicing and Dicing Technique

The Benefits of Playing Sudoku

How playing sudoku can benefit your brain

Sudoku surprisingly is easy to learn but highly challenging. Of all numeral puzzle games, Sudoku is really a brain bending game of numbers and reason. People have been fascinated by this game and its easy to get addicted to Sudoku.

Sudoku does not need any particular math skills or high level calculations abilities. It's actually just a simple, fascinating and amusing game which has a unique answer that can be reached logically without guessing. And all that's needed is brains and focus.

Any exercise involving the brain is positive. Particularly if you don't choice to laziness, such as choosing to make use of your memory instead of writing the possible numbers in the corners.

Sudoku Can Help Improve Your Memory

Word games stimulate the brain and might help in improving the memory. It may be assumed then, since Sudoku also stimulates the brain, playing numbers games might be a further method of keeping your memory sharp.

Numbers games like Sudoku, as well as word games, can be addicting but, unlike most addictions, they are really good for your brain. Playing them helps to stimulate your mind; it improves your memory plus may aid in delaying the effects of getting older.

When you play Sudoku over extended periods of time, your functionality of thinking logically and critically improves. It is a pleasurable and fascinating game that has a distinctive solution that is reached logically devoid of guessing. Increasing and enhancing logical and critical skills helps you resolve other problems successfully.

Sudoku May Help Develop More Patience

There is always a great feeling after you have successfully concluded any puzzle. Yet, patience is required for outsmarting the tricky and challenging Sudoku. This aids to expand temperament in players, in particular as you move to advanced levels of Sudoku.

New Sudoku Puzzles
New sudoku puzzles

New sudoku puzzles have been released! - Sudoku book 04 - 05 and 06 are the latest edition with 6 puzzles per sheet of paper!

Sudoku for Beginners
A beginners on how to play sudoku.

A Beginners Guide for Playing Sudoku. This video runs through everything you need to know if you are new to playing sudoku.

Sudoku Training Video
Scanning Techniques
Sudoku Scanning Techniques

A good guide on how to eliminate all possibility's and find the correct numbers.

Sudoku Training Video
X-Wing Technique
Sudoku X-Wing Technique

A different way to help you solve sudoku puzzles using the X-Wing technique.

Sudoku Training Video
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